Since October of 2000 I have been in practice as a registered naturopathic doctor in the province of Ontario. I provide adjunctive care for a wide range of health concerns. I am especially skilled in acupuncture, mindfulness based meditation, and reflexology.

Are you feeling tired? 

You may be missing certain nutrients, and changes in diet, supplements, and lifestyle have been shown to help patients recover their energy and feel better.

Are you living with chronic pain?

Changing key areas of your life, and getting help with regular physical therapy such as acupuncture, mindfulness meditation, or reflexology has made a difference for my clients. Many have reduced their pain considerably and some are even pain free now and living their lives with health and vitality.

Are you concerned about the cost of treatment?

Understandably, therapy can be expensive. If you do not have insurance coverage, I am open to providing care on a sliding scale.* All I would need to see is the first page of your income tax return showing me your income, and I will reduce fees to a discounted rate that is 20% to 40% below the full price. As a naturopath, I do not charge HST. Fees listed on this site are the actual total amount charged. 

In Ontario, many employee benefits plans cover naturopathic care. Please check with your employer to find out if you have coverage. At each visit, upon payment**, you will receive an official receipt for naturopathic services. 

*Please use the contact form before booking to ask about the reduced fees.

** Please use the contact form to ask about methods of payment.

Naturopathic Care:

Nutrition, Supplements, Acupuncture, Herbs, 

Mindfulness Based Meditation, Reflexology

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